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Bonus Video Slots - Bonus Feature Rounds

The majority of video slots come with at least one bonus feature, many follow the same format and are simply clones of each other. There are however some unique bonus video slots around and in this section of the website we shall take a look at some of the slot games that stand out with impressive and unique bonus rounds.

Bonus Video Slots - Sneaky Peak

Sneaky Peak Slot Game Microgaming recently launched two brand new bonus video slot games, one for Ladies to play and one for Gents to play! These slots are called the Sneaky Peak slot range and they have a very unique bonus round.

The way the bonus round is triggered is also unique and you have to get a Bonus symbol on reel number one then you also need to line up on the same position on reel 5 one of several "character" symbols.

One you have achieved this you are taken to a scratchcard type game whereby you have to scratch off 12 symbols from a possible 15, each matching 3 symbols you uncover will result in the "character" who triggered the bonus game stripping off an item of clothing, and revealing a bit of flesh!

Bonus Video Slots - No Worries Slot Game

No Worries Slot Game This is another video bonus slot that has a something special to offer players. It has the fairly standard free-spin bonus game but it has an added twist that allows you to cancel the wins that spun in during the bonus game and replay the free-spins!.

So once you have played out your free-spins bonus game you have a decision to make and that is whether to collect what you have won or gamble the amount won and instead of it be awarded a random amount of cash instead, or you may opt to replay the free-spins but by doing so you are gambling what you won in the original free-spins round.

Bonus Video Slots - Witches Wealth

Witches Wealth Slot Game You ain't seen noting like the Witches Wealth slot's bonus game. Once triggered you will either be awarded a simple cash win or you will be sent on a journey.

The journey is a trip across the sky on a broom stick, dodging items that drop from the sky, like pianos and cows! (no, we are not drunk!). If you make it to you destination you are awarded a cash prize, if you also make it back from your destination without being hit by a falling object your cash amount is given a multiplying boost!

Bonus Video Slots - Big Break

Big Break Slot Game The Big Break slot has two bonus games the first is the standard free-spins round and the second is a skill stop type game where you have to use your skill to win a big cash prize .

You will be presented with a line up of the slots leading characters and each one will "flash" in turn, it is your task to stop the light when it is flashing on the symbol with the biggest multiplier attached to it.

Bonus Video Slots - Chain Mail

Chain Mail Slot Game The Chain Mail slot has a bonus game that can only be triggered by getting a bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 all at the same time when you do you will be presented with a grid with 7 squares across and five high.

You have to start at the bottom of the grid and pick just one square, you will reveal a cash prize on rows 1 and 2 and then on row three you could uncover a cash amount, a "win all" cash amounts on that row symbol or a stop symbol.

You have to make it to the top of the grid by winning as much as possible, if you uncover a stop symbol (which is an angry king) then the game finishes and you collect what you have won.

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