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Tomb Raider Scret of the Sword - The Ultimate Video Slot

Tomb Raider Scret of the Sword Slot Game Every now and then there comes along a video slot game that just blows away every other slot in terms of gameplay, bonus features and player appeal and this is such a slot.

Tomb Raider - The Secret of the Sword is the revamped version of the video slot Tomb Raider.

The game is based on the Tomb Raider blockbuster film and it features the films star Lara Croft as she battles through several adventures to hopefully land you a jackpot paying win

Super Mode Bonus Round

The graphics and sounds on this slot game are truly remarkable, as are the bonus games. The first one you can trigger is the random Super Mode, you will know when this has been awarded as the screen will shudder and shake and award you with five free-spins.

During Super Mode Lara may appear and shoot out certain reel symbols, whichever ones shot will become wild symbols for the entire free-spin cycle.

Free Spin Rolling Reels Bonus Game

Once you get 3 or more scatter symbols you will be awarded the very special Rolling Reels free-spins bonus game. This awards you free-spins with a difference, the difference being that every time a winning combination appears then once credited those reels will explode and be replaced with the next symbols on the reel strip.

As the new symbols appear then any further wins are boosted by another x1 multiplier on the values, so if the wins keep dropping in you could play for a maximum multiplier of x5.

Global Adventure Bonus Game

As you play the slot a Passport symbol may appear on any of the reels, once it does that Passport symbol will "activate" that reel, once all five reels have been activated you will trigger the Global Adventure bonus game.

Here you have to choose one of five different places for Lara to visit and once there you must select an item from those presented to you.

You may reveal a cash amount or a trap, get two traps and the game is over. You could also reveal part of Laras Sword, this is what you will want to find as by doing so you can then pick another place for Lara to visit and then pick symbols from that venue.

Should you manage to find all the pieces of Laras sword you will be given a cash amount that could be worth upto 450 times your stake.

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